Chronic rhinitis - symptoms and complex treatment

Pathology such as chronic rhinitis is quite common. In this form of rhinitis, chronically flowing inflammation is observed in the area of ​​the nasal mucosa, and the forms of the disease may be different. The chronic form of catarrhal rhinitis can be a continuation of poor-quality treatment of acute rhinitis or be a consequence of the introduction of microbes deep into the mucous membrane, which causes hard destructive changes in the shell, as well as weakening the immune protective function of the body.

Gargling with sore throat - the more effective gargling?

Microorganisms that cause sore throat are very diverse. Here and bacteria, and fungi, and viruses, and in each case should be prescribed a separate most appropriate medicine. Antibiotics are used for the bacterial nature of the disease, and antifungal agents for fungal infections. In some forms of viral angina, antiviral agents (acyclovir) are prescribed, as well as immunomodulators and inducers of interferon synthesis.

Heart palpitations: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Heart palpitations, or tachycardia - a condition in which the heart rate (heart rate) reaches 90 beats per minute and above. Such a deviation may have a physiological and pathological etiology, therefore it is necessary to be able to interpret this symptom correctly. So, if tachycardia has become a frequent occurrence, disturbing a person almost daily, then it is time to make an appointment with a cardiologist.

Symptoms of stroke, the first signs

A stroke is a devastating disruption to the normal supply of the brain, which causes the death of brain tissue due to lack of oxygen and essential nutrients. It occurs when blood supply to a part of the brain is stopped or significantly weakened. After a part of the nerve cells dies, the body loses one of the functions for which the dead cells were responsible: paralysis, loss of speech and other serious disorders occur.