Paratonseal abscess - causes, symptoms and treatment

Paratonsillary abscess is a collection of pus in the tissues of the throat, next to one of the tonsils. The development of this disease occurs as a result of the penetration of infectious pathogens (streptococci, staphylococci and others) into the amygdala. Often, peritonsillar abscess occurs as one of the complications of chronic tonsillitis or tonsillitis.

Gargling with sore throat - the more effective gargling?

Microorganisms that cause sore throat are very diverse. Here and bacteria, and fungi, and viruses, and in each case should be prescribed a separate most appropriate medicine. Antibiotics are used for the bacterial nature of the disease, and antifungal agents for fungal infections. In some forms of viral angina, antiviral agents (acyclovir) are prescribed, as well as immunomodulators and inducers of interferon synthesis.

Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels - symptoms and treatment

Atherosclerosis is a dangerous disease that affects the blood vessels of the brain. When it on the inner lining of the arteries are formed foci of cholesterol deposits, they cause a narrowing of the lumen of the vessels up to complete blockage. With a slowly increasing blockage, the symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis determine the degree of insufficient blood supply to the brain.