Halixol - expectorant drug. The main active ingredient of the drug is Ambroxol, is an active metabolite of bromhexine and belongs to the benzylamine group of mucolytic substances.

The drug allows you to liquefy sputum, enhance the production and increase the activity of hydrolytic enzymes that break down the bonds between mucopolysaccharides of sputum. The drug does not cause excessive secretion, reduces spastic bronchial hyperreactivity and contributes to the development of surfactant.

The therapeutic effect is achieved within 30 minutes after taking the drug.

Clinical and pharmacological group

Mucolytic and expectorant drug.

Terms of sale from pharmacies

Can be bought without a doctor's prescription.


How much does Halixol cost in pharmacies? The average price is at 110 rubles.

Composition and release form

The drug Halixol is available in pharmacy chains in two different forms:

  • pills of color close to white. Flat, rounded shape, on one side is the risk and engraving in the form of the letter "E", on the other hand - engraving "231". Do not possess a smell. The tablets are packaged in blisters of 10 pieces each, which are sealed in cardboard packs in the amount of two pieces.
  • in the form of a syrup whose color is close to pale yellow. Syrup is transparent, without the ability to form a precipitate, has a characteristic odor. Packed in glass bottles of dark color with a volume of 100 ml. Sold with a measuring cup, sealed in a cardboard box.

Pharmacological effect

The mucolytic drug Halixol contributes to the dilution of sputum, which occurs due to increased activity and increased production of hydrolytic enzymes that break down the bonds between mucopolysaccharides of sputum.

The active ingredient of Halixol (Ambroxol) is an active metabolite of bromhexine. Improving the rheological properties of sputum, Halixol helps to reduce its viscosity and adhesive properties, as well as normalize the ratio of serous and mucous components of sputum. The use of Halixol does not lead to an increase in the formation of secretion, while there is a decrease in spastic bronchial hyperreactivity.

As a rule, the effect of taking the drug develops after half an hour.

Indications for use

Halixol according to the instructions indicated for use in the treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, which are accompanied by the formation of viscous sputum:

  • Pneumonia;
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Bronchitis;
  • Bronchiectasis.

Halixol is also prescribed for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract (for example, sinusitis and otitis), in which it is necessary to thin the mucus.


The drug has limitations and serious contraindications, so before you start using Halixol, you should carefully read the attached instructions. The drug can not be taken orally if the patient has one or more of these conditions:

  • children's age up to 12 years (for tablets);
  • children's age up to 2 years (for syrup);
  • severe diseases of the kidneys and liver, accompanied by dysfunction of the organs;
  • peptic ulcer in the acute phase;
  • erosive gastritis;
  • pregnancy in the first trimester;
  • breastfeeding period;
  • idiosyncrasy of Ambroxol or other components of the drug;
  • congenital lactose intolerance (for medication in pill form);
  • simultaneous therapy with antitussive drugs that suppress the cough center.

Appointment during pregnancy and lactation

The drug Halixol in any form of release is not indicated for pregnant women in the 1st trimester. This is due to the fact that in the first 12 weeks there is a formation and laying of all the internal organs of the future child, and the medicinal effect on the maternal organism can lead to unpredictable consequences. During the clinical trials, no teratogenic, mutagenic, or embryotoxic effect of Ambroxol was found.

In 2 and 3 trimesters, we take the drug Halixol in the form of tablets or syrup is possible if there are serious indications in the case when the expected benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus.

Ambroxol can be excreted in breast milk, therefore, during lactation, taking the drug Halixol is contraindicated. If necessary, therapy of a nursing mother should decide on the suspension of lactation and the temporary transfer of the child to an artificial diet.

Dosage and method of use

As indicated in the instructions for use tablets should be taken orally after meals and drink plenty of liquids. Excessive fluid intake contributes to the dilution of mucus in the treatment with Halixol.

  • Children aged 5-12 years, the drug is prescribed to 1/2 tab. 2-3 times / day. Children under the age of 5 years do not prescribe the drug Halixol in the form of tablets.
  • For adults and children over 12 years old, the drug is administered in the first 2-3 days, 1 tab. 3 times / day, and in the following days - 1 tab. 2 times / day or 1/2 tab. 3 times / day In severe cases of the disease, the dose is not reduced during the entire course of treatment.

The doctor decides on the need to take Halixol for more than 4-5 days individually.

Adverse reactions

The use of Halixol may cause the following side effects:

  • Central nervous system: rarely - headache, weakness.
  • Respiratory system: rarely - rhinorrhea, dry airways.
  • The digestive system: rarely - constipation, diarrhea, gastralgia, dry mouth nausea, vomiting.
  • Allergic manifestations: rarely - urticaria, rash; very rarely - acute anaphylactic reactions (the connection with the administration of ambroxol has not been established).
  • Other: dysuria.


There were cases when patients taking overdose of the drug had symptoms of overdose, which manifested as dyspeptic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, vomiting and nausea. Ambroxol's antidote is currently unknown.

Treatment of overdose: gastric lavage. In cases of severe overdose, the patient's condition should be monitored by specialists.

Special instructions

Before you start using the drug, read the specific instructions:

  1. The drug does not contain alcohol.
  2. It should not be prescribed simultaneously with antitussive drugs because of the difficulty of sputum production.
  3. The use of the drug in patients with impaired motor function of the bronchi or abundant sputum with low viscosity requires caution because of the danger of bronchial secretion stagnation.

Compatibility with other drugs

Cold preparations (including codeine) may impede the sputum diluted by ambroxol.

Halixol contributes to the penetration into the bronchial secretion of certain antibiotics (including amoxicillin, cefuroxime, erythromycin, doxycycline).


We offer to read the reviews of people who used Halixol:

  1. Nina. My cough begins with the first slush and usually ends somewhere in Egypt. From a youth I suffer this problem. I used to take a simple cough for Mukaltin and thought that was enough. This year the situation worsened and my complications began, and the doctor prescribed me complex therapy using Halixol. This drug helped me very much and now at the first sign of cough I begin to drink it. I have enough three-day course to recover.
  2. Svetlana “Halixol” appeared in our medicine cabinet for a long time. The children had problems with the lungs, and doctors prescribed various mucolytic drugs. Not everyone helped well, even with the same composition. “Halixol” is one of those that helped, so I settled on it and asked the doctors to prescribe him. In a short time, the cough softened, the phlegm began to recede, relief came. Now I keep it in the first-aid kit in case if I or my husband start to cough with the flu or ARVI.


Patients who are interested in what Halixol should take into account that this drug has many analogues with similar composition and effect:

  • Lasolvan;
  • Medox;
  • Ambrobene;
  • Ambrohexal;
  • Mukobron;
  • Bronchus;
  • Bronchovern.

Before buying an analogue, consult your doctor.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Halixol tablets should be stored at room temperature, away from sunlight and access of children. The shelf life when properly stored is 5 years.

Syrup is recommended to be stored at a temperature in the range of 15-22 ° C, protecting children from access. Shelf life - up to 5 years.

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