Vizomitin refers to the drug with a completely new approach to the treatment of eye diseases.

This is an innovative antioxidant that neutralizes active (bad) oxygen in the mitochondria (cell energy centers). The uniqueness of the tool lies in the penetration of positively charged molecules directly into the mitochondria. Such targeted delivery requires a small amount of a strong antioxidant to obtain the desired effect.

On this page you will find all the information about Vizomitin: complete instructions for use for this drug, average prices in pharmacies, complete and incomplete analogues of the drug, as well as reviews of people who have already used Vizomitin drops. Want to leave your opinion? Please write in the comments.

Clinico-pharmacological group

Vizomitin eye drops have a keratoprotective effect.

Pharmacy sales terms

It is released on prescription.


How much does Vizomitin cost? The average price in pharmacies is 550 rubles.

Release form and composition

Skulachev (Vizomitin) eye drops are a clear, colorless or slightly colored liquid. 5 ml of such a liquid in a dropper bottle, one bottle in a carton.

  • Drops contain in the composition of the bromide plastoquinone decyltriphenylphosphonium - 0.155 μg
  • Excipients: benzalkonium chloride — 0.1 mg, sodium chloride — 9 mg, hypromellose — 2 mg, sodium dihydrogen phosphate — 0.81 mg, sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate — 116.35 mg, sodium hydroxide solution to neutral pH, water — up to 1 ml.

Pharmacological effect

The substance SkQ (mitochondria-targeted antioxidant) is a derivative of plastoquinone, linked by a linker chain (C10) to triphenylphosphine.

In small (nanomolar) concentrations, the substance has a high antioxidant activity. It helps to increase the stabilization of the tear film, stimulates the processes of tear production and epithelialization, helps to improve metabolic processes in the tissues of the organs of vision, protects cells from the negative effects of free radicals.

The drug provides the normalization of the production of their own tears.

Indications for use

The drops have only 2 indications for use - dry eye syndrome and the initial stage of age-related cataracts.


Vizomitin should not be used in children and adolescents under the age of 18, as well as in patients with known hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Adequate controlled studies on the use of PDTP during pregnancy and lactation have not been conducted, so during these periods, women are not recommended to prescribe the drug. If you need therapy for lactation, breastfeeding should be temporarily discontinued.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Controlled studies of the effect of the drug on lactating and pregnant women have not been conducted, so do not use the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Instructions for use

The instructions for use indicate that Vizomitin should be dripped into the conjunctival sac.

  • Adult patients are prescribed 1-2 drops 3 times a day.

Therapy for the initial stage of age-related cataract is 6 months.

The duration of treatment for dry eye syndrome is determined individually depending on the clinical situation.

Side effects

Vizomitin eye drops are generally well tolerated. As side effects, after and application, local reactions may develop in the eye in the form of burning, cramps, conjunctival redness.

Rarely, systemic allergic reactions may appear in the form of a skin rash, itching, urticaria (characteristic rash and swelling, which in appearance resemble a nettle burn). Cases of severe allergic reactions in the form of angioedema angioedema (significant swelling of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the face or external genital organs) or anaphylactic shock (progressive reduction in systemic arterial pressure and multiple organ failure) were not observed.

At occurrence of manifestations of side effects, the use of the drug should be stopped.


Data on overdose at local use, as well as information about accidental or deliberate ingestion of the drug is not inside.

Special instructions

If after the use of the drug there is a short-term blurred vision, it is not recommended to drive vehicles and engage in activities that require high concentration of attention before it is restored.

Drug interactions

Vizomitin enhances the pharmacological properties of drugs that are used in parallel: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral eye drops.


We picked up some feedback from people about Vizomitin:

  1. Artem. I work as a welder, and it is possible that sometimes I’r grab it. So the wife already knows my problem, Vizomitin immediately drips into my eyes, until the morning everything passes.
  2. Vasiliy. Vizomitin used drops when one day metal shavings flew into the eye at work. Vizomitin quickly removed the redness and burning. Later, I also used these drops, but only to relieve tension from my eyes after watching TV for a long time.
  3. Liza. My eyes get tired and dry. By the end of the day completely red. The ophthalmologist appointed Vizomitin in the belief that he would remove all problems. Previously used drops Sitaine Ultra. Enough for half an hour, then again. Vizomitin drip two months. First up to 4 times a day. Now only in the morning before work and in the evening. I do not take to work. The impression is good. Eyes stopped to dry.
  4. Margarita. The pharmacy advised me to try to drop these drops when I complained of tiredness and pain in my eyes after a long work at the computer. Plus, the constant fatigue in the eyes from wearing contact lenses. Honestly, surprised drops helped. Neither allergies nor irritation they cause. In applying the drops are quite convenient.
  5. Sasha. Only drops of Vizomitin help me to remove dryness and irritation in the eyes. I drip them in the morning and evening, and sometimes during the day, when not pleasant sensations appear. At first, not much burning appeared, but with time passed.


The unique ophthalmic composition does not have an identical replacement for the current compound. Any alternative that can be offered is selected on the basis of a more traditional treatment of the diagnosis.

So, with a "dry eye" and computer disorders, other drops can be used: Oftagel, Natural Tear, Optiv, Vidisik and others. Conservative cataract therapy is carried out only under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.

Before using analogues consult your doctor.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store the drug must be in a dark, protected from children, at a temperature of 2-8 ° C. After opening the bottle is recommended to be used within a month. Shelf life of the drug is 1 year.

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