Herpes on the body - causes and treatment

Herpes is a virus that manifests itself in the form of watery blisters on the face, lips, mucous membranes, genitals, almost the entire body. Bubbles cause severe pain, burning, itching. In the future, herpes on the body forms skin ulcers.

To date, herpes virus is considered the most common virus that infected almost 90% of the world's population. This virus, penetrating into the genes of the cell, begins to destroy it from the inside, gradually spreading to other neighboring cells.

In this article, you will learn not only about the causes and symptoms of herpes on the body (see photo), but also about how to treat this problem at home.

Causes of

Herpes is the most common virus on Earth, it can get into the human body in the first year of life. A childlike, at first glance, harmless chickenpox disease is the result of herpes infection.

Once in the body, it does not disappear anywhere. Like most DNA viruses, the herpes pathogen settles in the nervous system, and it is impossible to get rid of it.

Certain factors can provoke the appearance of herpes symptoms on the body:

  • constant nerve overstrain;
  • infections that reduce protective functions;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • diabetes and its complications;
  • the disease can provoke frequent hypothermia or overheating of the body;
  • taking certain medications.

Virus infected 90% of people. But it manifests itself infrequently only if the person has a weakened immune system. Infected with the herpes virus is not that difficult. It is transmitted through the mucous membranes of man.

Types of Herpes

Any manifestations of the therapeutic nature of herpes on the body are directly dependent on the type of virus:

  1. The first type - herpes is shown by rashes in the field of a mouth and on lips. If the affected area is large enough, then the patient can be diagnosed with fever, slight indisposition, muscle pain and weakness;
  2. The second type is genital herpes. The main manifestations are always in the genital area. This is usually the head of the penis or labia. In addition to eruptions, patients experience itching in the affected area, pain in the back and lower abdomen;
  3. The third type - herpes zoster on the body, in children - chickenpox. It is caused by the varicella zoster virus and is better known as lichen shingles.
  4. Epstein-Barr virus that causes infectious mononucleosis. In its typical form, this disease does not cause a skin rash, but the use of antibiotics in the treatment of diseases developing in parallel almost always causes a rash on the body.
  5. Cytomegalovirus, very common in the human population. It is relatively rare and only with weakened immunity leads to the appearance of skin lesions.
  6. Herpes virus type 6, leading to the development of pseudorabsnah. The main and leading symptom of this disease is an extensive rash all over the body, usually in infants, very similar to that of typical rubella.

How to treat herpes on the body depends on the form of the disease and the location of the rash, the severity of the disease. Usually, in addition to the main treatment, immunomodulators or immunostimulants are prescribed, taking multivitamin complexes.

Symptoms of herpes on the body

Herpes on the body, perhaps, gives a person a serious inconvenience. The severity of the symptoms of this disease is largely determined by the state of immunity, depends on comorbidities and the location of herpes.

In addition to general malaise, a person is worried about the following symptoms:

  1. Digestive problems that arise suddenly, without any prerequisites for this.
  2. Feeling of weakness, fatigue.
  3. The temperature increase, which usually occurs to 37, 5 degrees, that is, is not critical.
  4. Painful sensations that predominantly occur in the area where rashes appear in the future.
  5. The appearance of bubbles on the body, and their number increases with each passing hour.
  6. Burning sensation, especially in the area where the rash appeared.

Rashes are localized depending on the place of the initial entry of the herpes virus into the body and the method of infection. In about three or four days they stop, and the disease is already waning. Symptoms, which are characterized by the most intense pain and are characterized by the duration of the flow, are damage to the nerves of the head and face when the eyelids and cornea of ​​the eye are affected.

Herpes on the body photo

As herpes looks on the body, we offer to view detailed photos.

Treatment of herpes on the body

In the case of herpes on the body, treatment is aimed at eliminating the symptoms, and first of all, depends on the virus that caused the rash.

The use of special sufficiently strong drugs is justified only in the case when due to the development of infection serious complications are possible. As a rule, this happens during infection of pregnant women, people with immunodeficiencies and with neonatal infections.

After the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe antiviral therapy. As a rule, it is Acyclovir, Valaciclovir or Famciclovir in the form of tablets or injections. To relieve pain, along with antiviral drugs, the doctor may prescribe painkillers.

It is also worth remembering that such a medicine has not yet been developed that can completely rid a person of the virus. However, still some means, especially strengthening the immune defense, have a positive impact on the course and duration of the disease. It is necessary to eat foods rich in various trace elements, vitamins A, C, E, as well as garlic and propolis.

Herpes on the body is obvious evidence of an active infection, regardless of the type of virus that caused it. A person is very contagious at this time, so during treatment he should limit his walks in crowded places. The optimal time for herpes will be bed rest and rest at home. This guarantees a calmer transfer of the disease and speeds recovery.

Treatment of herpes on the body at home

First of all, treatment at home implies adherence to the rules of hygiene. Please note that vesicles that contain serous fluid may be infected. Herpes is not dangerous when crusts form on the skin, despite this, it is necessary to take urgent measures.

The patient should have his own towel, others cannot use it. Contact your children as little as possible. Do not use shampoos, gels, try not to wet the affected area. You can not use a scrub, because of it, rashes can appear on the whole body. When the disease becomes aggravated, the shower must be taken once every three days.

Until crusts form, only linen with cotton should be worn, so it will be possible to protect against secondary infection.

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