Psoriasis ointment: a review of popular drugs

Psoriasis is a chronic disease, accompanied by the appearance on the skin of plaques of a grayish-white shade of various sizes.

The main drugs used to eliminate psoriatic plaques are topical products: hormonal or non-hormonal ointments for psoriasis, lotions, sprays, gels, creams, ointments.

A cream or ointment for psoriasis is applied with a thin layer to the affected skin several times a day. The duration of treatment depends on the composition of the drug, the severity of the disease, the age and associated diseases of the patient, and other factors.

Psoriasis treatment with ointments

The basis of the treatment of psoriasis is an individual approach to each patient. When prescribing a drug for the treatment of psoriasis, the specialist takes into account not only the degree of spread of the skin process, but also the individual characteristics of the person. Sometimes it happens that the ointment, according to all indications, would seem to suit the patient, but in practice does not have the desired effect. Selection of the optimal ointment sometimes occurs in 2 stages.

All ointments for psoriasis are divided into non-hormonal and hormonal. First of all, dermatologists try to prescribe non-hormonal ointments, and only when they do not show the proper result, and the process spreads to new areas of skin, apply ointments containing hormones.

Non-hormonal psoriasis ointment

Non-hormonal ointments used in psoriasis are safer, but less effective. The course of treatment is longer, they have much fewer side effects, so a doctor may allow some of them to use during pregnancy.

The most common drugs that do not contain hormones:

  1. Ointments based on natural herbal ingredients: Kartalin, Akrustal, Antipsor, Antipsoriasis. Due to the content of biologically active components, these ointments normalize metabolic processes in the skin, have a wound healing, peeling, softening, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and antiseptic effect.
  2. Salicylic ointment softens the horny skin cells and promotes their exfoliation, has a mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.
  3. Solidoid-based ointments - Magnipsor, Cytopsor - have a softening, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect / Zinc ointment has a drying, adsorbing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. With regular use it protects lesions from infections.

When using non-hormonal ointment for the treatment of psoriasis, you need to prepare for a long-term therapy. But the remission after a properly administered treatment will be very long.


A non-hormonal psoriasis agent based on naphthalan. A distinctive feature of the ointment is the presence in it of petroleum hydrocarbons, which have almost the same chemical composition with steroid hormones. For this reason, Naftaderm is considered to be an alternative therapy for hormonal treatment.

The ointment has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Effectively heals and disinfects the affected areas of the body.

Ointment Daivobet

This psoriasis ointment shows itself to be effective in combating palmar-foot disease. This type of disease is difficult to treat locally, because mechanical action is constantly carried out on the soles and palms.

In these places, the dermis is damaged most of all, which causes the aggravation of psoriasis. Thanks to the abovementioned preparation, it is possible to overcome the external manifestations of the disease in a short time. Patients who have already tried Daivobet confirm these words with their feedback.

Salicylic ointment for psoriasis

In psoriasis, this non-hormonal ointment is used as a local irritant, distracting, drying, antiseptic, keratolytic.

It improves tissue trophism, has anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect. The tool is quite effective and safe, as they say, and feedback from experts.


This is a solution for outdoor use containing birch tar. It has insecticidal properties, disinfecting and local irritating action.

Stimulates skin regeneration processes, improves blood supply to tissues, and enhances keratinization processes. Used for psoriasis, scabies, lichen (scaly), trichophytia smooth skin.

Zinc ointment

To create drugs using zinc. For psoriasis, zinc ointment is used. It relieves inflammation, soothes the affected parts of the body.

This tool shows a positive effect, but the body gets used to it. Given this fact, doctors prescribe medication for a period not exceeding a month. The course is allowed to repeat with a break.


Acrustal helps to gently cleanse the skin of psoriatic plaques. Can be used as a primary treatment and for protective and prophylactic purposes. Allowed for use by pregnant and lactating women.

The drug is antiallergenic. It consists of natural herbal oils, natural honey, aloe vera extract and much more. The standard course of treatment is 2-3 months. Numerous consumer reviews claim the effectiveness and absolute safety of the cream. This product is recommended by most consumers.

Hormonal ointment

Ointments containing hormones are prescribed for severe cases of psoriasis in order to quickly relieve an acute period, relieve itching and inflammation. Their use is allowed only by doctor's prescription and only according to the recommended regimen.

These ointments vary in strength of effect:

  1. Weak: Hydrocortisone and Prednisolone.
  2. Medium activity: Lorinden, Latikort, Lokakorten, Lokoid, Ftorokort, Triakort, Esperson, Afloderm.
  3. Strong: Elokom, Sinaflan, Flutsinar, Advantan, Sinalar, Celestoderm, Kutiveit, Beloderm.
  4. The most powerful is clobetasol - Dermoveit.

In psoriasis, the reaction of each organism to one or another synthetic hormonal drug is very individual, and most importantly, the effect of their action is often short-lived. Over time, the body adapts to a specific drug and its dosage, respectively, the effect decreases, and every year the dose of the hormonal agent has to be increased, which leads to overdose and the occurrence of side effects.


The pharmacological action of Lorinden A ointment determines its active components: flumethasone - antipruritic, anti-exudative, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and anti-allergic hormonal substance and salicylic acid - anti-inflammatory, moderately antiseptic, keratolytic substance.


Synthetic non-halogenated GCS for external use. It has a fast anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, antipruritic and anti-allergic effect. Due to local vasoconstrictor action reduces exudative reactions.

The use of the drug in recommended doses does not cause suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system.


This is a hormonal drug, it contains adrenal hormones. The impact is very effective, but indicated in the instructions for use of contraindications in large quantities. Therefore, the drug should be used with great care. The price is about 370 rubles.


The principle of action is based on the inhibition of the production of inflammatory mediators. Flucinar has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effects.

When the drug interacts with the skin, the accumulation of neutrophils is inhibited, the rate of the inflammatory process decreases, the exudate does not form, the production of cytokines decreases. Under the action of fluocinolone, the rate of macrophage migration decreases, the severity of granulation and infiltration processes decreases.


In the list of hormonal drugs for psoriasis, there is also the ointment Sinaflan. It is prescribed exclusively for adults, as it refers to glucocorticosteroids.

The action is similar to Flutsinaru. You can not use a long period, as the body gets used to the tool and weakens the immune system. Do not apply the medicine to the delicate skin of the face.


Synthetic glucocorticosteroid preparation, which is the active ingredient of the following ointments for psoriasis: "Hydrocortisone ointment", "Hyoxysone", "Dactacort", "Corteid", "Cortef", "Latikort", "Lokoid", "Oksikort", "Sibikort", " Copolcort, Sulfodecortem (with sulfur), Fucidin.

Hydrocortisone is the most active hormonal drug that can inhibit the development of connective tissue in the area of ​​inflammation. Therefore, the use of hydrocortisone can also be associated with the development of serious side effects of systemic action.


The main active ingredient of Dermoveit ointment is clobetasol propionate. This substance is widely used in dermatology due to its non-specific anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action.

In addition, the main active ingredient of the cream Dermoveyt helps reduce itching, relieves skin flushing and eliminates swelling.

A complex approach

Treatment should be comprehensive and take into account all factors and developmental mechanisms. The main areas are:

  • stabilization of neuroendocrine processes;
  • normalization of metabolism, cleansing the body of toxins and slags;
  • improvement of the psycho-emotional state, increased adaptation and stress resistance;
  • recovery of the nervous system;
  • elimination of inflammation.

In addition to medical treatment, the use of reflexotherapy, physiotherapy, and autohemotherapy is recommended. There is a positive effect when using the method of acupuncture.

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